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  • Honeywell PC42t Ribbons

    Shop Edraco® Thermal Transfer Ribbons for Honeywell PC42t including Wax Ribbons, Wax/Resin Ribbons, and Resin Ribbons.

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    Black4.33" × 984'20Visit


    Black4.33" × 984'20Visit


    Black4.33" × 984'20Visit

    *** If you aren’t sure which thermal transfer printer ribbon is best for your needs, feel free to contact us for advice.

    *What is Wax Ribbon

    Wax Ribbon is the lowest cost choice among the range of thermal transfer printer ribbon. Prints deep, dark barcodes, text, and graphics, a common choice for shorter-term, general use applications.

     Recommended Substrates:

    -Art Paper/ Coated Paper/ Rough Paper

    -PP and other synthetics

    Recommended Thermal Transfer Labels

      thermal transfer label 3*5.jpg  

      Size: 3” x 5'' 


    thermal transfer label4*2.jpg

    Size:  4” x 2''


    thermal transfer label 4*3

    Size:  4” x 3''


    thermal transfer label4*6

    Size:  4” x 6''


    *What is Wax/Resin Ribbon

    Wax/Resin ribbon is a special ink formulation that provides outstanding print quality and improved smear and scratch resistance, resulting in excellent staying power and durability in moderately harsh environments.

     Recommended Substrates:

    -Coated Paper/ Tag/ PP and other synthetics/ BOPP, PET, PVC PE

    *What is Resin Ribbon

    The resin ribbon has excellent scratch resistance, strong alcohol, and gasoline resistance. It also designed to resist UV, water, low temperature, and even for hand sweat, the performance is outstanding. It is widely used in machinery, household appliances, aviation, high-end electronic products.

     Recommended Substrates:

    -Good quality art Paper/ Synthetics paper

    -Bopp, PET/ PVC

    *Why Edraco®

    Edraco® aims to provide a high-quality thermal transfer ribbon for you.

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